Henro Code of Conduct

A commitment to give, clean, and respect.

The Henro Code of Conduct has been written in order to create a positive lasting impact on the people of Shikoku, and pilgrimage itself with a shared understanding of how to contribute and behave.

It is a commitment to give, clean, and respect.


Never expect, always receive
  • Graciously accept gifts offered – even if an inconvenience
  • Create and give gifts yourself – write poems, buy candies, etc.


Make Shikoku better for everyone
  • Trash – pick up at least one piece rubbish along the trail daily
  • Huts & restrooms – sweep and keep them clean


Learn and follow local customs
  • Temples – these are places of worship; act accordingly
  • Language – make an effort to learn the basics

Why do we need this?

The Shikoku Pilgrimage is a self-guided experience of reflection and discovery.

With an ever increasing number of foreign visitors undertaking the pilgrimage the chances for misconduct, often unintentional, also multiplies. Not only does this reflect poorly on visiting Henro, it also negatively impacts the experience of future Henro.